Berlin // Hotel Henri

In Berlin Kurfürstendamm this little pearl is getting a very special makeover.

Old wooden floors, high sealing and heavy curtains -to give you an undisturbed sleep.

When you enter the front door you immediately get a relaxed feeling. The staff is extremely well picked out and very friendly.

The Kitchen area is where the breakfast buffet is served and also 'abendbrot' witch is small snacks in the evening.

This looks exactly like a home away from home, the kitchen area is very appealing and gives you the feeling of staying at a dear friends house.

Book you stay in Les Chambres witch is a double room size 17 to 22 sq m. wifi, coffee and tea facilities, small desk and tv. It has a very special bohemian feeling.

Location //

Henri Hotel is located almost directly on the Kurfürstendamm, in the western area of Berlin

Booking and Contact //

Henri Hotel Berlin

Meinekestraße 9, Berlin

+49 (0)30 88443-0

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